Dripry uses 'State of the Art' Artificial Intelligence to find and generate the best domain names possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Dripry uses artificial intelligent software that can learn over time how to generate/find premium and brandable domain names for customers. 

This software is called I.D (Intelligent Domaining) and will either generate new domains that were never registered or find pervious domain names that has been registered in the past.

With I.D we're able to employees searching for the best domain names to bring to customers, allowing us to reduce the price on all domain names. Most of our domains will cost between $69-$99 USD (not including registration fee at the customer's registrar).

We’ll initiate transfer to your registrar within 24 hours of payment clearing. If we are transferring to the same registrar you can receive your domain within a few hours.


Refunds and exchanges are not permitted once payment has been made and the domain transfer is initiated.

The above simply means that customers have 24 hours to request for a refund after the initial purchase of the domain name. Dripry doesn't start the transfer process until after refund grace period of 24 hours after purchase is over. This policy gives customer 24 hours to decide if they still want the domain name or not.

After 24 hours of the initial purchase of the domain name, the customer refund request will be denied by Dripry.

To request a refund within the 24 hour grace period please contact sales@dripry.com or use the "Contact Us" form.